Miomir Joksimović

Modern life dynamics imposes fast living and is limiting us greatly to dedicate ourselves to some issues which require our time. Even most of the people is not aware of that fact, but every segment of our lives is covered and determined by law – from buying newspaper at the newsstand to making valuable business contracts. Although most of our daily tasks are just a routine and we don't even think about them while operating, still, in life we are having challenges and situations which require from us to make some very important decisions that can affect our life.
Exactly in those situations, when our regular activities become secondary issue and when we should make decisions which are important for our career, job, business or private life, that's where we come in. We are law office seated in  Podgorica. Focus of our work is on providing legal solutions for businesses and citizens.
Our services is related on providin legal assistance in civic law. We are here to handle legal matters in following areas:

Business cooperation, negotiation, business contracts, labor law, company law, cooperation with state agencies and regulatory bodies, litigation or any other legal issue which my be hard to solve for you, you can leave to us, with confidence that your interests will be provided with best possible protection.
Professional experience I have gained in various industries and businesses, starting from insurance industry where I have improved personal and general legal in insurance industry. Then in media industry where for years I have been covering head legal position with responsibilities for legal operation in all aspects. Also in telecommunication industry, again on leading legal position for legal processes in four affiliated companies, all at once. Finally, I assisted in reorganization of business and legal operation of the company with yearly income counted in several millions.